Kay Laurence – Scotland Training Thoughtfully

If you’re a dog owner or dog trainer then this will be of interest to you…

Why should you attend?

Maybe you’re a curious  Dog Trainer who wants to learn advanced skills & train dogs properly.  Staying well away from e-collars and aversive training, but you might be frustrated at the results you’re getting?

Perhaps you’re a Dog owner who wants to be able to have happy, well behaved dogs.

Ideal for people who have respect for the dog, who show compassion and care about the welfare of the animals.  They don’t speak our language and are essentially our captives – they have no choice.

If your dog’s confused then you’re not doing your job properly.  Dogs are often forced by “shock jocks” to perform or comply.  You’ve maybe said to yourself “There has to be a better way.”

What will be covered?

“Scotland Training Thoughtfully” – training people to train and treat the animals well

3 day seminar November 11-13th.   A 1.30 Friday afternoon start then 9.30 – 4.30 Saturday and Sunday.

Dunblane Hydro so it’s central to all of the major cities.

Friday – “Why we train THIS way, not THAT way” considerations of training, ethics, philosophy. Why we make training choices, why other choices are excluded.

Saturday – Error-less Learning. How to manage the environment to set up the dog and owner for success

Sunday – Future Focus. How will you train tomorrow? Become a trainer of the future – a skilful trainer.

Investment £175 [the equivalent of a week’s worth of client sessions]

Room holds 75 people

Taught by Kay Laurence from Wagmore Dog Training.  Kay was in search & rescue, has competed at Crufts and now trains the trainers.  She’s on the Faculty of the Karen Pryor Academy [Karen is the author of “Don’t Shoot The Dog” which is often the first book Dog Trainers are told to read].  A regular speaker at the Institute Of Modern Dog Trainers, she runs the TAKL training school, she’s written four books and has produced numerous DVD’s.

It’s like PhD students going to listen to Steven Hawking.  Kay is one of the best in the world and won’t be back in Scotland for another year.

How does it work?

This is NOT a traditional dog training course.  The entire event will be guided by the needs of the delegates, making it a unique and tailor made event that is unavailable anywhere else.

Kay will deliver the training in a direct, no nonsense manner that is effective and gets results.  Her manner is ethical, unique and gets results.  You’ll learn hands on tools that you can use immediately.

There will be an Open Panel Q&A on Sunday where you can get all of your questions answered by a panel of experts.  Joining Kay will be:

Clare Russell DipCABT. Fully qualified pet behaviour therapist, highly experienced in rehabilitation of rescue dogs and dealing with aggression. Over 15 years’ experience of class teaching. Coached and mentored by Kay Laurence since 2009 and currently a staff member of Trainer Accredited by Kay Laurence accreditation scheme.

John McGuigan is a qualified dog trainer and is on staff with The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers. He has a wealth of experience dealing with aggressive and reactive dogs with a very high success rate. He teaches easy to follow, practical solutions to helping your dog overcome aggression and reactivity.

What if I do attend?

If you’re up for the challenge, you’ll find this to be a very satisfying and effective training.

Picture yourself doing the right thing, upping your standard of training and keeping bang up to date with modern methods that work.

Imagine the “aha’s” and insights you’ll get from such a high calibre trainer.  Many of Kay’s students have had breakthroughs after experiencing her first hand.  Your ability will soar!

You will need to book well in advance as this could sell out.

You’ll get inspiration, you’ll make connections and you’ll have a deeper level of understanding.


What do I do next?

Book now at


For more information please email Clare Russell  – cl.russell64@outlook.com

Special rates from accommodation will be available at

Hilton Dunblane

Dunblane Hydro Perth Road, FK15 0HG