Teaching your dog skills as well as behaviours

This is the type of exercise we do at Positively Excellent Dog Trainers workshops. Please watch the video carefully. You may need to watch it several times.

1. Identify the types of activities the dog is doing, how many are there?

2. What skills does the dog need to have acquired to be able to do the types of activities in the video?

If you’d like to take part, please comment below. I’ll ask more questions as the thread develops.
Please keep all comments civil and no comments on comments please, as it makes it too difficult to moderate.

If you have attended one fo our workshops and have done this assignment, please don’t comment but do read as you’ll learn from what others observe.

If you are interested in this style of learning about dogs, subscribe below. We will be offering online training this year.



The activities I’ve identified are

1. Chasing
2. Retrieving
3. Listening
4. Responding to cues
5. Tugging
6. Waiting
7. Searching
8 Settling

The skill set I am testing for here is that she is able to switch from one activity to another, then another. When I started training Watson to be able to do this skill, I used two activities shes knows how to do well, chasing and tuggin for example, then asked herto switch between the two. Then I would do two other activities, ask her to switch between the two and then mix more in.

What this teaches your dog is the ability to settle after activity, e.g. a visitor comes in, your dog is active, now ask them to settle again onece they’ve said hello.

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