Logan, the new boy

John & Logan Lo Res-18

I first saw this dog early last summer. He was being cared for by a small animal rescue which I occassionally do work for. Anthony who works at the kennels, brought him out for me to have a look at, as there were several issues he had which was going to make him difficult to rehome, one of which was his fixation on pieces of wood and branches which were lying on the ground. As soon as I saw him I realised he was going to be challenging, all 28 kilo American Bulldog sinew and muscle. I took him around the grounds and tried everything I know in order to get some level of focus, calmess and engagement from him. It did not go well. I knew at that moment that he was going to be a long term project and that I needed to  make some arrangements in order to bring him home, at least temporarily.

What I found when working with this dog is that everything I would ordinarily do either would not work, or there was a reason I needed to rule it out. The last 6 months have been a huge learning curve for both of us and I have made loads of mistakes in the process.

Over the next while, I will do my best to share aspects of training Logan and what I have learned in the process.

I hope you will enjoy reading abiut him as much as I am enjoying training him.

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