Logan – part 2


The first time I took him to a public park, he was as far removed from the big relaxed dope in this picture. His face and head was engorged with blood, his breathing was really heavy, his coat was waxy, dander coming off his skin, pupils dilated. He was basically a big stressed out mess. Part of the issue was that he was in kennels and kennels can be extremely stressful for dogs (can be, not always)

He was a master and backing out of his harness and collar ( I had leads attached to both) pulled like a train, dug in and trashed if you tried to move him a way he didn’t want to go.

I thought I good way to get rid of or tap off some of his energy would be to play tug with him. I had two new pullers (hard, purple plastic rings). I offered him one which he pulled out of my hand immediately (I am relatively well versed in tug games with big dogs, or so I thought) and trashed it around his head like a terrier doing a kill shake. I offered him the other one to see if he would let go of the first. He did but as soon as I went to pick the first one up, he grabbed that back too and now was in a big frantic mess to possess both of them.

Fortunately, although he is possessive of toys, he only want to hold them in his mouth or under his body. He willaccpet you touching his face and body, but her turn and moves away if you try to touch the toy.

After much energy and sweat from both of us, I finally managed to get both the toys from him. This took about 40 minutes. Back to the car and back to the drawing board!

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