Logan – part 4 – lots of progress


I’ll get back to some of the history of my time with Logan over the next few blogs but today I thought I’d share some of the good stuff we have been working on.

If you have been following the videos I have been putting up on both Facebook and YouTube you will have an idea of some of the things we have been learning together. (search Glasgow Dog Trainer on both platforms to find them).

His over enthusiasm for the rubber toy/kong gets in the way with him thinking. I need a thinking dog rather than a reacting dog (I know everyting he does is reacting to stimuli but I think you know what I mean), in order for him to have the best life he can. If I can get him into the thinking part of his brain, his stress levels will come down (cortisol, adrenaline, heart rate, blood pressure) which live lead to a longer, healthier life.

With that in mind here is what we have been working on, in no specific order

  1. Chasing the kong
  2. Catching the kong
  3. Letting me take it from him
  4. Dropping it
  5. Giving it up
  6. Letting me throw it while he remains stationary
  7. Searching for it while the kong is stationary
  8. Allowing me to through out multiple kongs while stationary
  9. Searching and retrieving multiple kongs one after another (we can get 7 in a row)
  10. Dropping one kong while retrieving in order to chase another
  11. Breaking off the chase of one kong to get another (this one is difficult but we are having some progress with it.
  12. Taking other reinforcement (food) in the presence of kongs (also a difficult one for him)

Without knowledge, this may look as if we are just playing with kongs in different ways but I am teaching him the rules of cuing, reinforcement, self control, body awareness and movement, reinforcement (immediate and delayed, which rolls into self control), building resilience and recovery and I’m sure some other stuff which I haven’t yet identified.

Today we had some good success with number 11. I tossed out one kong, and released him to get it, then immediately called him and threw out another one which he went for instead.

To give you an idea, this has taken tonnes of short sessions, at most 20 minutes, which I do a few times a week. I will talk about what happens of you try to teach him too many new things in too short a period over the coming articles.

Thanks for reading as ever, we had a good day today.

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