Shiba Samwell’s Story – Part 1 – The Request.

Bruce who is one of the Glasgow Dog Trainer Team will be blogging over the next few weeks about his Shibas and how he introduced and adult dog into his household with two existing dogs


“Well I can’t just find him an average home. So a dog trainer Shiba lover would be ideal.” The first words which soon led to Samwell (previously Sam) becoming a part of our family.

Around ten months ago a lovely lady, Jessie, contacted me with an unusual enquiry: would I be interested in adopting a Shiba? About six months prior to this our Pug passed away and we had been considering adding a new puppy to the family.

I’ve always had dogs from puppyhood; from the dogs I had as a child to those I’ve had in my adult life. So the thought of adding an adult dog to the family was new to me.

We were already living with our own two adult Shibas: Oshi and Yuna. Since Yuna reached sexual maturity, Oshi has been very selective of the male dogs he allows into their “inner circle”. We’ve been working on this for a while and he’s come on leaps and bounds. Yuna is my special girl. Feisty and full of Shiba sass, but great with every dog and human she meets. I often take her to work with me to help with controlled BAT setups as she has the sweetest nature and loves working with her dad!

Samwell was 18 months old at the time and had been neutered at around six months old. He was bought as a puppy from a breeder in England but had been given very little guidance during his puppyhood. So he developed a plethora of behaviour issues from resource guarding to reactivity. He was returned to his breeder at six months old as his owner couldn’t cope with the behaviour. Sadly his breeder wasn’t in a position to help him either and so was going to have him put to sleep. Jessie heard about this and, very selflessly, decided to foster Samwell for a year and help him with his behaviour issues before finding him his forever home.

So there was a lot for me to consider. Would the boys get along? Did I have time to continue working with Samwell? One Shiba can be tough for the average owner. Could I cope with three?!

I’m a sucker for a Shiba. I adore the breed and wouldn’t have anything else now. So I agreed to meeting Samwell and introducing him to Oshi and Yuna.

Next time…the introductions.

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