Logan – part 7

John & Logan Lo Res-9

Following my brain fart yesterday, we had a really good session this evening. He has been resting well today following his weekend in the kennels. I took him to the dog run to get some sprinting and jumping with him, he still needs his conditioning. We played tug indoors and outdoors (you’d think he was two different animals if you saw him) and then on to out “formal” training.

Yesterday he struggled a bit but on review I think it was mainly due to him being tired. This evening he brought his toy to me, looking for a carry on so I took this opportunity to do some work. Left and right spins, looking good. Sitting on cue, first time, one verbal cue, looking good. He even managed a short sequence of them together. Nice work on his platform training, looking good also, and I have some ideas where to develop it.  Then some games after which he was looking for.

He is now lying snoring at my feet after a potter round the block. Relaxed dog, happy trainer. Tension release courtesy of Steve Mann, changing the way I look at things.

A good day.

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