Logan – part 11 – start of chase recall


Short(ish) entry today. We started chase recall training today. Chase recall is where you are able to recall your dog from chasing something, such as another dog, a bike, a jogger, a rabbit, deer or toy.

We have been working on his self control around toys over the last 6 months. He has gone from being a dog who would lose his mind on seeing a rubber toy like a Chuckit Ball or Kong to the start of reacalling from a moving one.

This has been a gradual process, starting with giving a verbal cue and holding his collar, throwing out the toy, waiting for him to stop stop straining against the collar and steady himself and being released to go and collect it. He is now at the stage where I use a verbal cue (sometimes backed up with a gesture), throw the toy and release him verbally to collect it.

Skillset being developed – cues and cuing, reinforcement, delayed reinforcement, self control, body movement and awareness.

We moved on today, working on him moving towards a stationary toy, and the new cue meaning a moving toy would be produced for him to chase – translated to “don’t chase that one, chase this one”.

Little and often, we practice this a few times a week, only for maybe 10 minutes or so at a time, doing around 10-20 trials. We did around a dozen today. He is dead beat now from both the sprinting and having to think and has taken off to my bed where he is dozing.

Tired dog and happy Johnny.

Peace out.

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