Logan – part 12 – a moment in time


I took this picture this afternoon. I was lying on the bed reading and he came up and rested his chin the edge of the bed as he often does. When he does this, he is looking for a few things, some petting, a carry on, up in the bed, all of the above. He is a very physically affectionate dog with people he likes and knows and will happily sit for hours being petted, rubbed and scratched and will also solicit this.

One of the things which will prompt him to have a carry on is close proximity to his face, wide eyes from me and blowing into his face. He likes this, which I can observe from his running and spinning playfully and when I stop doing it he will come back into me again, looking for another round and we can go again until one of us decides to end the game.

I posted the picture this afternoon on Facebook and someone asked if it was good for him as they had read that dogs don’t like direct eye contact. Really nice comment from the fella who posted it which then gave me an opportunity to explain it. When we know our dogs, know what they like and don’t like, when we build that deep relationship through the use of positive reinforcement and shared activities which we both enjoy, then we can look critically at conventional wisdom. You may have heard about the use of spray bottles to punish unwanted behaviour. Just search for Labradors  playing with hoses on YouTube and you’ll see how well that strategy would work with those dogs.

We have just hosted the wonderful Dr Susan Friedman for two days here in Glasgow. One of Susan’s fundamental learning points is the Study of One. Each of us are individuals with our own needs, wants and likes. Further to that, a photo is only a moment in time. We know only too well how the media can distort the facts with one still frame taken out of context.

A little more lateral thinking in this post today, rather then being all about Logan but it was inspired by a moment in time.

Happy training. Peace out.

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