Logan – part 15 – golden moments


This blog was going to be a different topic from what I  written as I started it yesterday. I’ll write that blog in the next part but I had a little golden moment with Logan this evening, about 20 minutes ago. I had taken him down to the retail park car park where it’s quiet in the evening and I can do some work with him (looking our for traffic cones of course).

The rain had just started but it was moving in behind us, the sky was really dark grey and the sun was out at the same time. A perfect rainblow arced across the sky, the wind picked up a little and I only had a T-shirt and jeans on so it was not too comfortable (mere mortals would have been cold under these conditions, you know who you are).

As you know from my writing, I am not prone to romanticising but the atmosphere and the conditions were quite lovely and I was watching my dog. After we had finished working, I threw some treats into the grass so he could search for them to ease him out of his training session as he has difficulty switching from one task to the next. It has been a huge task to get him to relax when out doors as he associates grassy areas with playing. He was on the long line and had started to run about, the way dogs should do when relaxed. This is maybe only second tme I have ever seen him doing this outwith the garden when he is playing with Dr Watson and they are chasing and wrestling.

It dawned on me how far we have come together since December and how a small triumph like this dog running around in a relaxed manner, in a way most owners take for granted, can make you feel overjoyed.

Celebrate these small moments with your dog. Watch them just being a dog, either mooching round the garden or running around an open space just being a dog. Don’t take them for granted because we don’t all experience them.

A good day today, I’m happy for him. Good dog Logan, good dog!

One thought on “Logan – part 15 – golden moments

  1. A special moment indeed. Good work Logan.
    It is a special joy when our dogs who have been damaged break through their barriers. Normality is such a precious thing.

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