What is aversive to you? To your dog? Who decides?


What is aversive to you?
Being physically controlled without having the ability to move?
Having a black belt’s full weight on you so you find it hard to breath?
Being choked like I am in the picture?
Having your neck cranked?
Having a grown man who is sweating heavily lie on top of you?
Having that sweat drip into your face, or worse, your mouth?
Having a sweaty armpit or groin in your face?
Having someone elses leg hair (I hope) in your mouth?
Being choked almost to the point of passing out?
All of these things happen regularly in the sport which I do as a hobby. I’ve experienced them all. I keep going back several times a week.
Would you subject yourself to this? Does any of this appeal to you?
This evening at class I got caught in a tight triangle choke (search for it on YouTube). I fought through it despite nearly passing out and was able to escape from it. The relief from the pressure was welcome but I’d rather not have been caught in it in the first place.
Is the application of pressure in dog training any different?
It’s up to each of us to decide what is pleasant and unpleasant.
Your dog gets to decide as well.
More to come.

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