A Question of Ethics


A question of ethics.

He’s cold. It’s 18 degrees (64F). Who gets decide whether he’s cold or not? Him or me?

I just took him for a bath with hot soapy water. He had been out playing in the fields and ran through a manure pile so I took him for a bath at The Wizard of Paws. I had a couple of errands to do so he was in the car for an hour or so afterwards.

When we got home, he lay up on my bed and curled into a ball. I felt his ears and they were cold. His hair is so short and he has so little fat that he gets cold quickly so I wrapped him up in his blanket and let him sleep.

If he gets to decide if he’s cold or not, why do I get to decide what is painful or unpleasant in his training. If the consquences of his actions are painful or unpleasant and he either wants to avoid or escape that consequence, who am I to say it is not unpleasant.

If it’s right that I supply the blanket when he’s cold, is it not right that I do what I can to make his training more comfortable too?

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