Skills for humans, skills for dogs


Over the last 5 weeks the team have been running a course for owners whose dogs show aggressive behaviours in some circumstances. We have held 4 classroom sessions, with practical aspects without the dogs in attendance, and examined video footage to break down everything which is going on.

We have worked to the following model

1. What is the goal for my dog’s behaviour?
2. What is the plan to get there?
3. What is the goal for our own behaviour – what do we need to do?
4. Make a plan for your own behaviour
5. Train yourself to do these behaviours
6. Train your dog

(Bertilsson and Johnson-Vegh)



1. Understand scenarios – always be ready for the aggression
2. Recognise the precursors – these may be hidden through prior punishment history
3. Use redirection and/or apply appropriate training strategy when you recognise the precursors
4. Stop/avoid it before it starts
5. Keep records

(Turner and Tompkins 1999)


Today was our first practical session with half the class and their dogs. -5C/23F in Glasgow this morning (not that cold) and we observed loads of really cool behaviour from the dogs and excellent skills from the humans which they have worked hard on developing over the last few weeks. Well done all those concerned.

We will be running this course several times next year. If you are interested in attending please subscribe to the events on The Glasgow Dog Trainer and Behaviour Consultant Facebook Page to keep updated.

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