Keep on learning.


I regularly listen to my friend Hannah Brannigan’s podcast, Drinking From the Toilet. Hannah is an amazing trainer and presenter and is a faculty member with the Karen Pryor Academy. Her podcast is fun, geeky and full of truly amazing insights into the world of dog training.

A couple of weeks ago, Hannah hosted Dr Susan Friedman as a guest .(

I have been fortunate to hear Susan present on numerous occassions (eight I think at the last count, with another couple of times planned in 2018), and I was extremely fortunate to host her this year in Glasgow for a two day seminar. Each time I have heard Dr Friedman present, I have always learned new information. It may have been the same information for the second or third time, but each time I hear her, I am at a different place on my own journey.

I  finally got round to listening to Hannah and Susan’s podcast this week. Blown away. Now, you would think that if you hear the same speaker time and again, that this would get repetitive. Not with this presenter. With good lecturers and researchers, they too are continuing their own journey of learning, so they more they learn themselves, the more able they are to pass on their learning to us. I know I have said this before, but it is worth repeating, if your doctor, dentist, lawyer or mechanic had done no further learning since they first qualified, would you trust them with your health, contract or car? We must hold those who care for our dogs to the same standard. I  imagine you’d expect it of your vet so why not your trainer?

Not every trainer is able to attend seminars a couple of times a year or more, however there are plenty of online webinars and streaming services ( is excellent), which means we can all remain as current as we possibly can with our knowledge. I regularly see and read content from other trainers which shows that their learning is not current and this means their canine and human clients don’t get the best information available.

The Glasgow Dog Trainer Team do our absolute best to keep up to date. We would encourage other trainers in the field to do the same. If you are a dog guardian looking for a trainer, demand that they do.

Happy training.

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