Big cues or commands?

In each of the two clips, I give the same verbal cue for the behaviour “Twist”. Same word, same volume, smae intonation. In the first clip, I give Logan a piece of cheese or meatball for spinning anti-clockwise, on cue when I ask him to. So far so good.

In the second clip, I use a short game of tug as the consequence for correct behaviour, using exactly the same verbal cue as before.

What you’ll notice is that the spins in the second set are faster, tighter and performed with more gusto than the first set. The beauty of consequences.

Consequences drive behaviour, not cues, commands or signals. I give exactly the same cue to Logan each time, the difference in the performance of the behaviour is what happens after each rep, that makes the next one fast or slower than before.

How this applies to your dog. You do not need to scream “DOWN!” or “COME HERE!” at the top of you lungs, if the dog can hear you, he can hear you. What you need to do to get fast recalls is throw a PARTY! for your dog after they do the correct behaviour. After, not before. After, after. After.

I’ll repeat, consequences, not cues or commmands drive behaviour. Consequences.

Happy training.

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