This is why we study

Our team is committed to studying. Seminars, webinars, textbooks, research papers and articles, book and blogs from the best trainer and scientists of learning on the world.
Why we study
– to understand more about behaviour so we can provide you with the quickest, most effective and most ethical training programmes
– so that we understand that, yes, you can use things your dog does not like in order to change their behaviour, but that these are almost always unnecessary (and no, your dog is very unlikely, statistically, do be the exception to that)
– so that you and your dog can both become active participants in the learning and training process and you understand it is a conversation, not a monologue
– so that we can dispell common myths such as dominance and stubborness being the reason for your dog’s behaviour
– so that we can explain the a “bonker” (a rolled up towel for hitting your dog on the head or slapping it on the ground to scare him) is not only unecessary but it shows your dog that you are willing to use violence against him. How would you feel if your boss did that to you?
– so that we can explain to you why postive reinforcement techniques not only provide long lasting results but enhance your relationship with your dog long term
– so that we take the pressure off you and your dog and resolve the problems you are having
– so that we can teach you that play and petting have a mssive role to play in your dog’s care
– yes, so that we can become the best available to you
– so that we can intelligently campaign for legislation (successful this week in Scotland) which outlaws the use of unnecessary training tools like e-collars.
This is why we study. This is why we are behaviour geeks and proud of it.

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