Our dogs’ needs


Two pictures, two needs, to behaviours.

The first picture is from yesterday, working with Odin the Newfoundland. After our training session he was thirsty and needed a drink of water. He moved towards the tap and started licking the spout, Amy turned the tap on and he had a drink. This could not have been more obvious, he had a physical need.


In the second picture, from a workshop I did a couple of years ago in Mallorca, I was working with a young Belgian Shepherd. We were working on him showing more acceptable (to humans) behaviour in the presence of other dogs. In this picture, he is jumping up at me, looking for support and reassurance, which I provided. This was similar to a dog who I worked with yesterday who would disengage from the other dog and jump on his human.

The conventional thinking in the second case would be to turn your back/ignore/reprimand the dog for jumping. In both cases, the dogs were seeking to access reinforcement, both for a need they had, Odin for water to quench his thirst, the Shepherd for a more emotional/psychological need. If our dog had learned to jump on us because they needed a drink would we ignore that? Would we ever ignore Odin for going to the tap and asking for a drink?

Our dogs’ emotional and psychological needs are as important as their physical ones. They rely on getting them all met for optimal health and a happy life. It’s up to us to learn what they are asking, and to recognise their needs based on the situations they find themselves in. Listen to the subtle sounds, so they don’t need to make more noise.

Peace and love.

One thought on “Our dogs’ needs

  1. Graham and I participated the Aggression and Reactivity – Geek Weekend. We are so happy that we had the opportunity to be involved in this marvelous workshop. John’s delivery was superb in every way. He created a great balance of learning, demonstration and involvement. We have now completely reassessed how we interact with our dog and are keen to learn more. Can’t wait for future events managed by John.

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