About me

I am a dog training and behaviour consultant based in Glasgow, Scotland and serving the central belt area of Scotland. I have been training dogs for over 10 years and working professionally for 3 years. I use only humane, non aversive methods which are proven scientifically to work. I am available for consultations in your home or local area at competitive prices.

5 thoughts on “About me

  1. We have had 4 sessions with John. My 13 month australian cattle dog, Mungan and I are making great progress. The more we practice the more we are relaxed and better able to understand what we both need to be stressless in stressful scenarios. It is a great relief to have constructive feedback about how we are interacting, sometimes there are many new things to learn and it can be difficult to get it all right at the right moment but working with with a trainer that knows his material continues to boost our confidence and our ability to be the perfect dog-human team.

  2. Hi, love you work. Was wondering if I could ask a favour please. I love you video of 300 pecks . Would you allow me to pop it onto my Facebook site please.
    Thanks Rosie

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