Some advice for dog trainers from Steve Mann – part 2 – Bad Owners

Steve is the founder of the Institue of Modern Dog Trainers which I am honoured to be a member of. I joined the IMDT 4 years ago and am now in the very fortunate position for help with training the new trainers who attned courses and assist with assessing prospective new members. It’s one of the highlights of my year working with the IMDT

Bad Owners

Everyone is doing their best with what they’ve got: –
Don’t label an owner as ‘bad’ when you could attribute the issue to any other possible explanation.
When an owner seems ‘bad’ or a ‘nightmare’, they very rarely are. They’re usually anxious, desperate, tired, ill informed, stressed or worried.
Help them.
It’s your job.
To the owner that feels the need to dominate.
Don’t go head to head with then. Neither of you will win and the dog will lose.
Simply ask – ‘what behaviour would you like to see that may change your mind?’
Then simply do your job.

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