A Very Bonnie Christmas – part 1


Gillian has been working with Bonnie the Cockerpoo during puppyhood and into adolescence. Over the next few blogs she will share more learning points from that time

A very Bonnie Christmas

Bonnie (pictured) is a glorious young cockerpoo about to enjoy her
first Christmas with her family. This time of year can be particularly
challenging for most dogs, nevermind a teenager! Her thoughtful,
wonderful guardians have taken her education and training seriously
from puppyhood and kindly gave permission for me to share some detail
of their recent work and Bonnie’s development; hopefully the next few
installments will help you gain insight and plan ahead as the Festive
season fast approaches.

Typical in adolescence, this confident little lady has temporarily
forgotten some of her earlier training, and resorted to demand
barking, humping and a lot of over excited behaviour including jumping
and balancing on her hind legs, especially in the kitchen at busier
times when she naturally wants to be included in any activity.

Over the course of the next few blogs you can examine our protocols
and progress, along with video and some instruction/learning points to
discuss. There’s lots we can help you with and much you can do in
preparation to make sure not a creature is stirring in your house this

If you need help with preparing you dog for the party season, please contact us via


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