Clicker Training – Reinforcement Strategies

Clicker training – Reinforcement strategies

In the first clip, Nero the Rottweiler at 17 weeks, is working with Pamela on being with her in the presence of things which would ordinarily compete for his attention i.e. other dogs, people, squirrels etc. We are looking to develop engagement and connection between Nero and Pamela. In this environment, we limit his options of what behaviour to offer next, once the reinforcement is delivered. The food reinforce is delivered to him in front of Pamela; this way, he has a limited number of options, he is more likely to be successful at re-connection earning him his click and treat – very reinforcing.

In the second clip, we are working with Stanley, the 1 year old Dachshund. We are working with Stanley to build confidence and have started by reinforcing the decision to connect and come towards Yvonne. Clicker training is very effective for dogs that lack confidence.

We are looking to reinforce the decision, and as such we want to adjust our reinforcement strategy to allow some more variety in his behaviour. To this end, we place the reinforcement (food treat) away from Stanley after each click. Stanley then has more options. He can sniff around, go for a wander, come back to mum etc. If Stanley chooses not to reconnect, this gives us valuable information. Perhaps there is something in the environment he needs to pay attention too or maybe we need to change our behaviour e.g reinforcement strategy, body position

Different reinforcement strategies for different dogs, in different situations, teaching different skills and behaviours with different goals in mind.

Follow us and we will do our best to keep you up to date with Nero and Stanley’s progress and for more information on this style of training.

We have an introduction to clicker training workshop coming up this weekend

We’d love to see you there.

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